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Hi, I'm Bree Bellefeuille 

My purpose is to offer self-healing tools designed to support you in discovering your authentic self. Our authentic selves usually get lost in habitual and subconscious habits acquired from societal and familial conditioning. While these habits may have once created a feeling of safety, as we age, the subconscious habits move us further and further away from our true, authentic selves causing us to feel increasingly dissatisfied with our lives without understanding why. Through Yoga Nidra, Sound Healing, Yoga Therapy, Reiki, Breathwork, and 1:1 Transformational Self-Healing Coaching, I will support you in breaking free from these subconscious patterns allowing you to create the life that serves your highest good.


Have you ever tried to make a change in your life and no matter how hard you try, it feels like you keep repeating the same patterns?

When you consciously try to make a change, but despite your best efforts, continue to repeat the same patterns over and over again, reprogramming your subconscious mind is the place to start.

The function of your subconscious mind is to store and retrieve data, which is automatic and needs no effort on your part. Its job is to ensure that you respond exactly the way you are programmed. Your subconscious mind makes everything you say and do fit a pattern consistent with what you believe to be true about yourself and your life. All of this programming and conditioning from the past drives how you live your life today.



Spiritually, you attract the same energy that you believe you are. You may have tried to manifest change in your life by using affirmations and visualization without any of the results you are seeking. This may be because while you are consciously speaking and thinking about what you desire, you may have conflicting limiting beliefs stored in your subconscious. Because the subconscious belief is so powerful and automatic, it will win every time.


Scientifically, your core beliefs drive your actions and behavior. If you believe you are somehow not good enough, you will continue to play small because you subconsciously believe you aren’t worthy of a bigger life. If you believe that money is hard to come by, you might work really hard at low paying jobs. If you believe that love is scary, you may enter into relationships guarded and not allow yourself to fully feel the love available to you.


The great news is I can support you in reprogramming your subconscious beliefs and install new empowering beliefs into your subconscious through self-healing tools and the power of intention.

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