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Are you looking to heal with the support of community?

What is Fully Human Connection?

A monthly membership to support you on your self-healing journey while creating connections with others on the same path.

We begin July 5th, 2021

What it includes:

  • An email sent on the 1st Monday of the month, stating the intention we will be working on together

  • Journal Prompts to work with throughout the month.

  • 2 live Zoom calls from Bree sharing self-healing tools (i.e. Yoga Nidra, breathwork, yoga therapy, etc.). You have the option to attend live if you are able. They will be recorded so that you can have access to them and work with them on your own throughout the month.

  • 2 live Zoom calls where we share what has been coming up throughout the month. It is imperative to be witnessed in a safe place while you are processing unearthed emotions. This will be a place to be witnessed, share your insights and ask for support

  • Connections! As we continue to connect and share, genuine friendships will be made. A private group on Facebook is a place to gather outside of the calls if you are looking for further support and connection.

July’s intention…

I intend for my inner child to feel safe in my body.

Learning the tools to create safety in your body so that your inner child starts communicating with you is imperative to healing. We all have an inner child that had unmet needs. For some of us, the unmet needs are clear. For others, it may take some digging. In order to cope, many of us repressed our emotions because it wasn’t safe to express them. When you repress emotions, they stay stored in your body. Your inner child may not feel safe to release those emotions until you create the safety. Cultivating that safety is where we will start!

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