During this Yoga Nidra, the hardest thing you will have to do is try not to fall asleep, but even if you do, trust that your body knows what is best. You really can’t do it wrong. You may notice yourself coming in and out of consciousness throughout the Nidra. You may come to and be unaware of what was just said. This is completely normal as you move in and out of different brainwave states. Allow all experiences to come and go as it is and trust that you are getting exactly what you need.

Because you will be accessing your subconscious: thoughts, dreams, and memories may come into your awareness, this is completely normal. Trust that what is coming up, is coming up in order to go. Emotional releases can also occur. Again, completely normal and it’s coming up to be felt and released from your body. Be aware of the insights that come into your awareness and trust the messages that you receive.

Working with an intention through a Yoga Nidra is like putting an order in with the Universe to create the life that you want. When you work with an intention, you will be shown the blocks that are preventing you from receiving what it is that you want. Continue to work with your intention for as long as you see fit and follow the breadcrumbs you are given. What you seek is seeking you!